Daytona One - May 2023

Congrats to Bob on yet another win.

Corvettes on the Circle - Sarasota 2023

Congrats to Bob for his Best of Show win.

Corvettes on the Gulf - Bell Tower 2023


Congrats to Bob and Bill

Ideal Car Show - April 2023

A-Vette-Together  Venice 2023

Pelican Preserve Car Show 2023

Congrats to our winners. Bob Keyes, Bill Wannall, and Steve Schowdoski.

Harbor Corvette Holiday Show

The PRCC participants came away with a sweep in their respective classes.

Corvettes on the Gulf 23rd Annual Show

Congrats to our winners.

Sea-Craft Waterfront Tiki Bar Show - Sept 2022

Congrats to Bob, Steve, and Bill on the wins.

Twisted Fork -  July 2022

Twisted Fork - May 2022

It was a good day for the Peace River Corvette Club as everyone who entered the Show from our Club won a Trophy/Plaque!  Congratulations to Bill Wannall, Diego Betancourt, my wife Helen, and yours truly. 


And a big thanks to the members who dropped by to cheer us on:  Steve and Rachel Schodowski, Jim Dandy and Mary Ortiz, our Prez Jerry Suminski, Wanda Wannall, and Sally Betancourt. 


The lot was full of nice cars with a large number of spectators to enjoy looking and enjoying the venue of food , drink and live music. There is a repeat of this show on July 3rd.

Daytona Ponce Inlet Show - May 2022

This past weekend at 1Daytona the Ponce Inlet Corvette Club had their annual Corvette show.  PRCC had Steve & Rachel , Susanne & Lin and Bob & Helen representing the club. There were approximately 250 Corvettes there from South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Florida because of the popularity of the show and the fantastic venue.


Steve & Rachel’s C-7 and Susanne & Lin’s C-8 looked great in the two most heavily competed classes at the show.  Bob & Helen were lucky enough to get a trophy in the C-2 class. The hotel is great and we were fortunate to be parked just a few feet away from it for great convenience.  I think everyone had a great time at one of the best all around Corvette shows I have attended.



Skyway Corvette Club Show at St. Armands Circle - 2022

Members attending the St. Armand’s Corvette Show this past Saturday were our Prez Jerry Suminski, Lin and Susanne Beverly, Cliff and Linda Kelley, Jim Dandy and Mary Ortiz, Steve and Rachel Schodowski, and Bob and Helen Keyes.


Getting to the show was interesting because of the coming rain. We all knew it was going to rain but not when or how long. We were a little lucky in that the rain did not start until we were close to the show. After arriving at the show the weather was great but the threat of more rain was real. Again we were lucky as there was only a sprinkle while at the show and that did not interfere at all with the show. There was little luck to go around for the PRCC members in the judging as only Bob & Helen were awarded a trophy and that was because of considerable help from the PRCC members in attendance.


Members enjoyed a great lunch at The Columbia restaurant. Back to the luck thing- no luck on the way back as it rained the entire way except for the time it poured! But all in all everyone enjoyed the show .

Venice 2022

Congrats to Bob Keyes for a win at this well respected show.

Pelican 2022

The Pelican Car Show  was attended by several PRCC members Saturday.  John Goodspeed , Jim & Mary Ortiz , Steve & Rachel Schodowski , Bill & Wanda Wannall , Bob & Helen Keyes and our Prez Jerry Suminski.  The show was well attended with cars and what seemed to be an extra large group of spectators.  Rain threatened but never materialized and temperatures were great.

Trophies were won by Bob & Helen , Bill & Wanda and special recognition to Steve & Rachel for their first ever Trophy!

Harbor Corvette and GM Car Show - Dec 2021

Daytona Corvette Show - May 2021

Our own Jerry and Kit Gilbert took the Peoples Choice Award. Congrats.

Ideal Car Show - May 2021

Bill Wannall and Bob Keys both took trophies home.

Ideal Car Show - March 2021

Several members attended and even with the tough competition, Bill Wannall and Bob and Helen Keyes took home trophies.

Spooktacular 2020

Ideal Car Show - Oct 2020

Harbor Corvettes Holiday Show 2019

The Harbor Corvettes Holiday Show was held at Muscle Car City on 11/30/2019. They had a great turn out with over 200 cars registered. Congratulations to the our own Ron & Dianne Kuchar, Al & Cathy Bohling, Bill & Wanda Wannell, and Bob & Jo Orr walked away winners.

South Gulf Cove 2019

Great local show. Congratulations to Ken on his win.

SW Florida Spring National Show - March 2019

Congrats to Bill Wannall and Bob Orr for the wins.

Lemon Bay High School - Feb 2019

Congrats to Bill Wannall for his win.

Holiday Happening at Gettel's 2018

South Gulf Cove 2018

Spooktacular 2018

Englewood Pioneer Days